Service Body Trucks

Service Body Trucks


Are you shopping for work trucks that offer more utility than the average model? In that case, you can count on Ewald Commercial to help you find service truck bodies for sale. Our truck dealership near you is home to an amazing collection of service body trucks from some of the most popular manufacturers. To help you get started on your search, let’s examine what service body trucks are and how they can benefit your business.

What Is a Service Body Truck?

Service body trucks have a lot in common with standard pickup truck models - with one major difference. Instead of a typical pickup bed, these models have a service body that is designed to make accomplishing specific tasks easier. There are different types of service bodys that can work for various commercial applications. These include trucks with standard service bodies and enclosed service bodies. Choosing a truck for sale near you that is equipped with a service body can bring a ton of advantages.

What are the Security Benefits of a Service Body?

Standard pickup truck beds might be great for moving large amounts of items with ease, but they don’t typically offer adequate protection and security when you need to transport expensive tools and equipment. That’s where a service body truck comes in.

These types of trucks can keep your valuable equipment protected from the elements and safe from theft.

What are the Other Benefits of a Service Body?

Keeping your work items safely stowed away and protected from the elements  is one of the main advantages of choosing trucks for sale near you with service bodies - but that’s not the only advantage that they bring! These types of trucks for sale near Milwaukee provide several additional benefits that can make the work day easier and more productive. Additional benefits of choosing service truck bodies for sale include:

  • Improved Organization of Tools and Equipment

  • Easy Access to Your Most Used Items

  • Impress Your Clients With a By Keeping Things Organized and Presentable

How Much Does a Service Body Weigh?

It’s important to note that compared with standard pickup truck beds, service bodies tend to be significantly heavier. This means that choosing a service body truck is a trade-off of fuel efficiency for organization and security. According to knapheide.com, a typical 8-foot truck bed will weigh around 400 pounds - while a service body can weigh 1,000 pounds or more. This is important to keep in mind when you’re deciding if service truck bodies for sale are the right choice for you and your business.

Can You Put a Service Body on a Half Ton Truck?

Yes, it’s possible to upfit a half ton truck with service truck bodies for sale. Doing this can allow you to expand the capabilities of your current truck without needing to invest in an entirely new vehicle. For this reason, upfitting a pickup truck can be a more cost-effective way to get the capabilities that you and your team need.

Find Service Body Trucks at Ewald Commercial

If the time is right to start shopping for service body trucks, why not start with one of the leading work truck dealerships near you? At Ewald Commercial, we are here to offer a stunning collection of Milwaukee trucks for sale that can satisfy all kinds of workday requirements. To begin, you can check out our online inventory of trucks for sale near you or stop by our dealership to browse in person.

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