What Kind of Used Work Truck Should I Choose?

Used Pickup Trucks

Ready to enhance your business with the help of some impressive used work trucks? Choosing the right type of truck to match your business needs is important. By doing this, you’ll be able to make the most of your investment and improve your team’s performance and capabilities. However, figuring out what type of used trucks for sale to shop for isn’t always straightforward. If you know that the time is right to add vehicles to your fleet but aren’t sure exactly which types of trucks will be the right fit, you can count on Ewald Commercial to help you make this important decision. 

As one of the premier commercial truck dealers in Wisconsin, we stock a wide variety of commercial used trucks for sale that can suit almost any industry. Whether you are in construction, logistics, or a different industry entirely - you won’t have any trouble identifying vehicles that fit the way you do business. 

So what types of used trucks for sale are available, and which ones will offer the features and utility that you’re looking for? Just keep reading to explore the various kinds of commercial trucks that we have to offer. 

Used Pickup Trucks

Maybe your business needs involve handling a wide range of different tasks, so you simply need a reliable truck that will excel at a range of different jobs and offer incredible versatility. That sounds like a great fit for one of our used pickup trucks for sale at Ewald Commercial! Pickup trucks are the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to commercial truck models. They can be outfitted to handle a wide assortment of different tasks and projects. Whether you need to tow a heavy trailer or haul a bed full of cargo and equipment, a quality used pickup can be an invaluable tool to have at your disposal. 

As one of the top destinations to source pickup trucks for work, we are pleased to offer used pickups from some of the most respected manufacturers. When you shop at our commercial dealer, you can explore diesel trucks for sale as well as gasoline fueled options.

When it comes to buying a used pickup, this brings a number of benefits. While new trucks are certainly impressive - the higher cost will mean that they’re not the best fit for every budget. With a used pickup truck for sale from Ewald you can enjoy:

  • A high quality and reliable vehicle that has been thoroughly inspected

  • Powerful engines and great features to help you work harder and smarter

  • Considerable savings compared to buying a similarly equipped new truck


Used Box Trucks

For businesses that need to transport large amounts of goods and inventory from place to place - a used box truck for sale is the perfect choice. These types of trucks are known for their expansive cargo holds, with tons of space to pack boxes and other uniformly sized items for easy transport. This makes box trucks an excellent choice for businesses in shipping, logistics, and delivery related industries. 

Used box trucks allow for safe and secure transportation and storage of valuable cargo. You can keep your equipment and inventory protected and safe from the elements by choosing a used box truck to move it from site to site. A box truck can also function as a moving billboard for your business - advertising your services on the sides and back of the vehicle wherever it goes. Thinking about selecting a used box truck to add to your fleet of vehicles? Here are some key benefits to consider:

  • Ample space to transport large amounts of cargo

  • Safe and secure storage of items in transit

  • Easy handling and cornering, perfect for city driving

  • No need for an external trailer

Used Dump Trucks

What if your business needs a vehicle that will be able to easily transport large amounts of loose material? In this case, a used dump truck for sale would be the perfect solution. These trucks are specifically designed for hauling and dumping large volumes of loose materials including dirt, sand, rocks, and more. 

They feature hydraulic dumping capabilities, making it quick and easy to drop off the payload at its destination. For this reason, dump trucks are the vehicles of choice for businesses in construction, landscaping, and other related industries. If you’re ready to explore dump trucks for sale in the Milwaukee area - make Ewald Commercial your first stop!

Shop Used Trucks at Ewald

Finding the right deal on reliable used trucks for sale will be much easier when you work with an established local commercial dealership. At Ewald Commercial, we’ve been serving local businesses like yours for many years. We have experience outfitting all kinds of companies with incredible used trucks that fit their budget and performance requirements. When the time comes to explore used trucks for sale in Wisconsin, our commercial truck dealer near you can make it easy.


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