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Looking for a reliable, dependable cargo van to help with your business needs? At Ewald Commercial, our Ford dealership near Milwaukee, WI has the perfect solution – the Ford Transit Van. This popular van offers plenty of versatility with options ranging from 8 to 15 passenger seating configurations and flexible interior design that lets you customize it just for your unique needs. But with so many choices available how do you know if taking home a Ford Transit for sale is right for you?


Why is the Ford Transit so popular?


Chances are you’ve seen one on the roads already as it’s become one of today’s most trusted commercial vehicles due to its combination of performance, capability, and affordability. It features robust powertrains and comes with best-in-class cargo room while still providing ample headroom, legroom and shoulder space inside. Plus there are plenty of tech features like SYNC 3 connectivity and driver assist safety systems giving you peace of mind when on the road. Here are some of the main reasons why Ford Transits have become so popular:


  • Efficient engines designed for extended use without costly maintenance visits.


  • Low fuel costs and cost-effective maintenance intervals.


  • Robust construction capable of delivering hundreds-of-thousands of miles safely.


  • Comfort and convenience features like plentiful headroom, legroom and shoulder space.


Are Ford Transits expensive to maintain?


Not at all! With its efficient engines designed for extended use without costly maintenance visits these Ford vans can save you money in the long run thanks to their low fuel costs and cost-effective maintenance intervals. In fact compared to other commercial vans it holds its value over time better as well making it a great investment when considering a long-term business solution.


How many years will a Ford Transit last? 


Depending on regular maintenance intervals you can expect your Ford Transit Van to last up to 10 years or more with no major issues arising during that time frame. These durable vans feature robust construction along with efficient engines capable of delivering hundreds-of-thousands of miles safely before needing any serious repairs or replacements.


Is it better to buy or lease a cargo van? 


That depends on your individual situation but generally speaking buying/financing is often seen as more ideal if looking at keeping the vehicle in possession long term while leasing may be more suitable if concerned about an ever changing business model or need only short term use of the vehicle. Here are some of the main factors to consider when deciding between buying/financing vs leasing:


  • Long-term commitment - Buying is usually more ideal if looking to keep possession of the vehicle long term; leasing may be better suited for short term usage.


  • Mileage limits - Leasing generally includes a mileage cap that may not work with all types of businesses so if you’re expecting high mileage from your van then purchasing is probably better.


  • Budget restrictions - If you don't have enough money upfront then leasing can help lower monthly payments while financing offers flexibility in terms of payment plans and loan amounts.


  • Resale value - Financing often yields a higher return on investment than leasing.


Ford Transit at Ewald Commercial


Choose Ewald Commercial when you’re looking for vans for sale near Milwaukee WI and take home one the highest quality vans around - the Ford Transit! From multiple seating configurations to maximum cargo room this versatile van has everything needed to keep any business running smoothly today. Stop by our Ford dealership near Milwaukee to see what these vans can offer your business.


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