What Can The Ford Transit Offer My Business?

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What Can The Ford Transit Offer My Business?


If your business needs a new transportation solution, you'll find many incredible vans for sale at Ewald Commercial Trucks. One of the most popular service vans at our dealership is the Ford Transit. For customers looking for a reliable, high-performance transport vehicle, this Ford van could be the perfect fit. Let's go over some of the best reasons for your business to choose a Ford Transit van. 


  1. This cargo van for sale carries the Ford name, and delivers Ford quality. Famous for producing durable and capable vehicles, Ford continues to raise the bar for the auto industry. You'll note many signature Ford features within the Ford Transit for sale. Cutting-edge safety technology, improved designs, and reliable performance are all major Ford hallmarks. After all, a van is a significant investment for your business. Enjoy peace of mind by opting for a commercial van made by Ford.

  2. You'll obviously want to choose a van for sale that offers plenty of cargo space. Ford certainly delivers with the Transit, which boasts from 280 - 536 cubic feet of capacity for the cargo model. The passenger van can even accommodate up to 100 cubic feet of cargo with all seats occupied! While the sheer space is impressive, Ford pairs the outstanding cargo capacity with thoughtful design. A high roof makes it simple to stack cargo, and for people to freely move about the space. Inside of the cargo hold, the possibilities for customization are limitless. You can outfit your Ford Transit to best serve the needs of your business.

  3. Many vans for sale are bulky and difficult to maneuver on the road. If your business involves driving in densely populated areas, this can spell disaster! The Ford Transit eliminates this issue. This work van drives and handles more like a car than a commercial vehicle. Turning into narrow areas won't be a problem, thanks to the tight turning radius of the Ford Transit for sale. If your crew isn't comfortable operating enormous commercial vehicles, this van is easy enough for anyone to drive!

  4. On a related note, the Ford Transit van offers a smooth and comfortable drive. You won't need to suffer through the shakiness that is so common with other service vans! The sedan-like handling of the Transit delivers a silky, pleasant ride, keeping you and your passengers in comfort. Visit our Ford dealership today to take the Transit on a test drive, and experience the comfort for yourself!

  5. There are plenty of engine choices for the Ford Transit. The base engine is a 3.5 liter V6, which is perfectly capable for many drivers. There's also an EcoBoost, twin turbocharged 3.5 liter V6, which provides more horsepower for this Ford van. Ford even added an all-electric van for sale in 2022! No matter how much (or how little!) power you need, there's a suitable engine for the Transit.


Are you ready to start browsing our cargo vans for sale in person? Head over to Ewald Commercial Trucks today to discover everything that the Ford Transit has to offer.


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