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Are you a business owner looking to add vehicles to your fleet? Whether you own a business or are an employee, youíll need to make sure you have the right tools for the job. Reliability is a critical factor when seeking out commercial vans for sale near you, whether you buy new or used. If you want a dealer that can make it simple to find dependable used work vans, then be sure to make Ewald your source for Ford commercial vans! On our lots, we have hundreds of commercial vehicles ranging from flatbed to box trucks. Although you can run the risk of wasting time only to come up empty-handed, why not make sure youíre offered a large selection? Making us your first stop can almost guarantee that weíll also be your last one here at Ewald.

If youíre a business owner, you know that reliability can be just as essential as saving money. An excellent solution for adding to your fleet on a budget is by looking into used work vans for sale. Buying used can be a great move due to the low cost both during and after your purchase, allowing you to save significantly on insurance costs. One thing you may have noticed about our inventory of used commercial vans for sale near you is how reasonably priced they are. Do you find yourself wondering how it is that we manage to keep the prices of our used Ford commercial vans so low? The answer is simple: we live-market price all our pre-owned Transit vans for sale every hour of the day to ensure you donít pay too much. Live-market pricing works by comparing our prices to those at over 3,000 different dealers across the nation. Whenever we find out the market value of used commercial vans for sale near you have dropped, we adjust ours accordingly. With live-market pricing, you can be provided an offer on used work vans that are both locally and nationally competitive. Even if you happen to find a better deal elsewhere after you purchase a Ford Transit van, weíll provide you $500 cash to demonstrate our commitment to fair pricing.

Although buying pre-owned commercial vans for sale near you can be a smart financial decision, you may have some reservations. We probably donít have to tell you that your business will only run as smooth as the vehicles you use to operate it. As a result, you may be hesitant to check out our used vans for sale due to a negative experience with pre-owned vehicles in the past. Here at Ewald, we want to make sure that our clients donít have to encounter any unwanted risks. To combat the misconception that all used work vans are a gamble, we inspect all our pre-owned vehicles as soon as they arrive. Our specialists also know these used commercial vans for sale near you like the back of their hands, allowing you to shop without any worries. Do you still find yourself concerned with any past issues a vehicle may have had? If so, weíll put your mind at ease by giving you a free vehicle history report with any used Transit van for sale.
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Commercial Vans For Sale Near You

Like most businesses, yours more than likely has its own needs that must be addressed. If youíre unable to pay the full cost for commercial vans for sale near you up front, leasing and financing are still excellent options we offer. If youíre contemplating on financing used work vans, youíll want to make sure itís as painless of a process as possible. For this reason, we offer our clients the ability to use a commercial line of credit to finance a Ford van for sale. This allows you to skip the lengthy pre-approval process and add vehicles to your fleet quickly and with the greatest of ease. However, a more affordable alternative to this is a ComTRAC open-end lease plan at our dealerships. Not only can this plan be customized to fit your specific needs, but youíll also be able to lease used work vans without having heavy restrictions on your mileage.

If you do happen to find yourself leaning more towards financing, itís essential to keep up with the mechanical needs of your fleet. Things can often go wrong when on the job and accidents can happen at a momentís notice, leaving you in need of a trusted source for repairs. Whether you want to make sure you properly service your fleet or need autobody work, our commercial service centers can help. We make sure to employ qualified technicians who are certified to work on diesel engines such as Caterpillar, Cummins, and Duramax motors. Do you want a one-stop shop for all your business needs when it comes to vehicles? If so, feel free to come and check out what we can offer for yourself on Mondays through Saturdays!

Chevy Silverado Work Truck

If you do intend on financing, youíll want to make sure you protect your fleet and keep them running optimally. When you want to get the most out of a Chevy Silverado work truck or Transit Van, youíll need to stay on top of maintenance. Here at Ewald, we offer maintenance packages to help business owners give their fleet the care they deserve. However, staying on top of maintenance can only account for so many things going wrong. Accidents can happen at a momentís notice, leaving the used trucks in Wisconsin you just bought inoperable. Due to this, we offer extended warranties for those seeking added protection and peace of mind. Knowing our factory-trained techs will have your back if anything goes wrong means running your business without unneeded stress. Do you prefer to service and repair your own fleet? Not to worry, our commercial service centers also can provide any genuine OE parts you may need. Whether for personal or business needs, Ewald strives to ensure complete satisfaction. Why not stop by and check out our new and used trucks in Milwaukee for yourself? We stay open on Mondays through Saturdays, so itís hardly ever a wrong time to stop by!

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