Used Vans for Sale


Used Vans for Sale


A capable cargo van can be a huge asset to your business. With the right van model, you’ll enjoy greater workday efficiency and outstanding reliability. The question is - where can you go to research and acquire used work vans that are uniquely suited to your business needs? You don’t need to travel far to find a stunning collection of used commercial vans for sale! Ewald Commercial brings together everything you might need all in one convenient location. Our commercial dealership is trusted by businesses from all across Wisconsin. We have a strong reputation based on top-notch customer service and our terrific variety of high-quality used vans for sale. Whether you’re in need of a van right away or simply want to explore your options - Ewald Commercial makes it all easy. 


Should I buy a new or used van?


If your goal is to stretch your budget as far as possible and get the most for your money, then purchasing a used cargo van for sale is an excellent decision. While new models might include the very latest features, shopping for used cargo vans for sale presents a much better value. Are you debating whether to buy new or go with a used commercial van for sale? Take a look at the list of benefits that used cargo vans have to offer.


  • Substantial savings compared to buying new.

  • Lower rates of vehicle depreciation. 

  • Cheaper registration and insurance. 

  • More models to choose from. 


Do vans last longer than cars? 


Because commercial vans are designed to handle heavy workloads day after day, manufacturers make sure that they’re built to last. While a used car might only be good for 100,000 - 150,000 miles - a used van can last for substantially longer. For example, Ford cargo vans can be expected to last between 250,000 - 300,000 miles according to Motorandwheels.com. By keeping up with routine maintenance, they can often last even longer! Maintenance is the key to getting the most miles out of a used work van. That’s why it’s a good idea to seek out used commercial vans for sale that show strong maintenance history. 


How many miles is too many for a used cargo van?


The mileage on a cargo van’s odometer is one of the most important factors to consider when weighing a purchase. Many shoppers find themselves wondering when the mileage is too high for a used van for sale to be worthwhile. For vans with gas engines, it’s best to shop for vehicles with fewer than 100,000 miles. On the other hand, diesel engines have a simpler construction and greater reliability - so a diesel van with 200,000 miles will have about the same wear and tear as a gas engine with 100,000 miles. If diesel is your preference, try to shop for vans with fewer than 200,000 miles. 


What is the most reliable cargo van?


The good news about shopping for used vans for sale is that there are several manufacturers that each produce highly reliable options! Whether you have your eye on a used Chevy Cargo van for sale or a Ford model - you can find an option that will offer terrific quality and dependability. Here are some of the most reliable used commercial vans for sale that you’ll find at Ewald Commercial.


  • Used Ford Transit

  • Used Chevrolet Express

  • Ram ProMaster


Visit Ewald Commercial to Find Used Cargo Vans


The perfect cargo van to help your business thrive could be right around the corner at Ewald Commercial! With tons of impressive used work vans to choose from, we make it simple to compare your options and select a model that matches your budget and workday needs. All of our available vans are listed here on our site for you to discover - so you can start shopping right away. Whether you’re seeking a Ford Transit van or an option from another highly-rated brand, Ewald Commercial can help you find it.


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