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Does your business or industry require highly specialized abilities from your commercial truck? Do you need unique storage capabilities, upfitting specifications, our auxiliary lighting? Whether you need a hard to find dump body or utility truck configuration, you can work with us to build the perfect truck for your business. We will help you identify the correct wheel base, body length, make, and chassis as a foundation for your specialty commercial truck.

Our specialists have many years of combined experience helping contractors configure the perfect truck for their needs, and we would love to help you improve your business or work flow with custom commercial truck.

Specialty Chevy Commercial Trucks

If you like the power and reliability of Chevy trucks, than consider building a specialty truck on a Chevy foundation. Look into the Express Cutaway; itís the base for many service, utility, storage, cargo, and passenger trucks. It can be upfitted in many configurations, but its reliable fram will always hold true.

You can choose the 3500 or 4500 cutaway, and they come with different engine types, towing capabilities, and wheel bases. It all depends on the specs that your business needs.

Ford Trucks for Sale

Build your specialty commercial truck on the back of the trusted Ford Stripped Chassis. Choose from the F-59 or 350/450 configurations, and enjoy the versatility of different engine sizes and wheel bases. A popular choice among cargo and delivery services, youíll notice that the Ford Stripped Chassis serves as the foundation for food service vehicles and parcel delivery services alike. The E-Series Cutaway is another popular choice for upfitting, and as Ford commercial trucks always are, the E-series is powerful, efficient, and capable of tremendous towing capacity.

Specialty RAM Commercial Trucks

Among our trucks for sale in Milwaukee is the RAM Chassis Cab. You can choose from multiple engine strengths, including a powerful and efficient diesel engine, and the chassis cab serves as the foundation for many different kinds of service and contracting businesses. Enjoy the support of our knowledgeable technicians while you upfit your truck to your desired specifications, and let us know if you need any help or guidance!

One of the best ways to decide on the right specialty commercial truck for your business needs is to visit our dealership in person. We can walk you around and show you the various models, and as you notice helpful features on other trucks, your perfect work truck will start to take shape.
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