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Have you been looking to add to your fleet and purchase a Ram commercial van? If youíre a business owner or thinking about finally starting up your own, then youíll need the right vehicles to get the job done. Although you can expect to find plenty of personal vehicles at our Ewald dealerships, that isnít all we offer. When it feels like the right time to buy a Promaster cargo van in Milwaukee, then be sure to make us your first stop! We have a myriad of utility vans for sale near you, ranging from new to pre-owned models. Whatever your specific needs may be, you can count on us to adapt to them and help you track down suitable vehicles. However, if you are looking for a spacious van that can make hauling cargo a breeze, then the latest Ram commercial vans may be the right choice for you.

These new service vans for sale give you everything you could want in a workhorse. With a maximum cargo width of 75.6 inches, youíll have plenty of space for whatever your needs may be. The 3.6L V6 also gives you a respectable 280 horsepower, letting you get up to speed even when youíre at weight capacity. The max payload of the latest Promaster Cargo Van in Milwaukee is a whopping 4,010 lbs, which allows you to haul just about anything youíll need. If youíre thinking about making an investment when it comes to your catering or painting company, this new Ram commercial van is well-equipped. However, if youíre looking to cut costs, we offer more than just the latest Promaster Cargo Van in Milwaukee. We also offer a wide variety of used Ram Cargo vans on our lot at competitive prices.

Buying pre-owned can seem like an excellent way to save yourself some money, but you might be a bit worried about reliability. If youíre a business owner, we donít need to tell you that your business will run only as smooth as the vehicles you use. Fortunately, you can rest easy knowing that when you buy a used Promaster Cargo 1500 from us, itís going to be mechanically sound. The moment that pre-owned vehicles make their way onto our lot, we make sure to inspect their powertrains. As a result, youíre getting a Ram Cargo van that runs great, whether you buy new or used. You can also count on us to give you a complimentary history report with any used commercial van on our lot that catches your eye. On top of an inspection and free history report, we also make sure that all our pre-owned trucks and vans are at a competitive price. The last thing any business owner wants to do is find out that they paid too much after the fact. To combat the ever-changing market values of our used Promaster Cargo Vans in Milwaukee, we make sure to live-market price them. This system has our associates going through a database filled with rates from over 3,000 different dealers across the country. Whenever we see prices going down elsewhere on a specific vehicle, we make sure to lower ours. Finally, having both affordability and reliability can be as simple as making your way to Ewald when you need a Ram commercial van!
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Utility Vans For Sale Near Me

Although we have plenty of service vans for sale to choose from, you might be a bit worried about financing or leasing being a stressful process. However, we acknowledge that each customer that walks through our doors has separate needs. One thing that you get when you shop for a Promaster Cargo Van for sale in Milwaukee with Ewald is flexibility. We make sure to adapt to your individual needs and make the process of financing or leasing a smooth experience. If you intend on financing a Ram commercial van, you can count on us to streamline the process for you. By letting you use a commercial line of credit to finance instead of taking out a loan with us or elsewhere, you can skip the lengthy approval process. However, if youíre leaning more towards leasing one of our utility vans for sale near you, we offer plenty of flexibility.
Although you usually wouldnít be able to lease a pre-owned vehicle, we make it simple by providing a ComTRAC open-end lease program. This program gives you far fewer restrictions when it comes to your mileage and even gives you the option to lease a pre-owned. However, if you do intend on financing, you can count on us to offer you maintenance plans as well as warranties to ensure youíre protected. When the time comes to add to your fleet or take the first step towards starting your very own business, be sure to choose Ewald as your source. Whether looking for a Promaster Cargo Van for sale in Milwaukee or a Ram 1500, be sure to make us your first and last stop. You can even find us open on Mondays through Saturdays, so be sure to take advantage of our extended weekend hours!
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