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Milwaukee Commercial Van Dealers

If you are in the market for Milwaukee commercial van dealers, then Ewald Commercial in Milwaukee might be the best place for you to start. Ewald has long believed that our reputation as a dealership is built upon the relationships we create. Our goal is to create trust with our prospective buyers for return business . At Ewald Commercial, we work extensively with you to determine the right quality vehicle for your mission. Our professional sales team will take you on guided tours of our showroom and car lot to help you find the perfect addition to your work line-up. Our team of certified technicians will be readily available to help you with any automotive diagnosing or potential inquiry, as well. Ewald Commercial has been heralded by Wisconsin’s Better Business Bureau as an icon in the Milwaukee automotive market. This commitment to quality and customer service makes Ewald Commercial the ideal spot to find you Milwaukee commercial trucks. Commercial vans are an optimal choice for any tradesman or any other profession that needs to keep their supplies in an enclosed space. If you are looking to take your business to the next echelon of service and are in need of the vehicles to spread that business, we would like you to put your faith in Ewald Commercial. Ewald Commercial offers a diverse inventory of commercial vans for sale. If you are specifically in the market for Ford work vans, we even have a dedicated webpage to the manufacturer’s product.
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Commercial Vans

The Ford Transit is the first work van that we believe you should know about. The Ford Transit is a best selling favorite for more than a couple of reasons. The most prominent cause, however, is the customization factor. The Ford Transit can be customized to fit a variety of jobs and preferences. They are perfect for delivery businesses and trade workers. They have an abundance of organized storage space is necessary.
When using a commercial pickup truck, they are usually an ample space where materials are packed in tightly; this differs from a work van. A work van requires designated spaces for designated tools and materials. Each van with a specific place to make finding what the worker is looking for easy. The litany of customization options is truly what makes the Ford Transit special. The Ford Transit is available in three different lengths and three different heights. The Ford Transit also has varying engine and wheel options. The body of the vehicle is also sleek and perfect for displaying your business’ logo and getting the word out. This extensive amount of customization options allows workers to build the ideal work van for their business and for their customers. Wherever your customers need your truck to go, you can accommodate.

Ford Commercial Vans

The Ford Transit comes in additional variations for those in need of a work van with a different skill set. The larger Ford Transit option, known as the Ford Transit CC-CA, is available at our Milwaukee commercial van dealer for the workers who need more. The CC option stands for chassis cab, and the CA option stands for cutaway. These options represent a larger cargo area as well as a power boost. Equipped with a GVWR range of 9,000 pounds to 10,360 pounds, the strength of the Ford Transit CC-CA is unrivaled by work vans on the market. The Ford Motor Company understands workers will be spending a lot of time in their work trucks, so they have equipped them with comfort to provide worker satisfaction. With more ergonomic upgrades available, the Ford Transit can be as comfortable as it is useful. While hauling capabilities are a huge plus for some, it is unneeded by others, for a business that needs to utilize a smaller vehicle to get the job done.

Our Milwaukee commercial van dealer offers the Ford Transit Connect. A compact option offers the versatile storage space of the Ford Transit, all while being able to fit the work van in narrow and confined areas. With easy handling and renowned gas mileage efficiency, the Ford Transit and its subsidiaries are an excellent choice for any prospective business wishing to expand its vehicle inventory. We encourage you to schedule a test-drive in person or on our website if you are thinking about your purchase. The imagination can be great, but there is no substitute for getting behind the wheel of the car. At Ewald Commercial, we believe there is no faster way to reject a vehicle or to commit to it, then by test driving. Our commercial vans for sale at Ewald Commercial are waiting for your purchase, so please trust our team and us to bring you the quality customer service and auto care that you deserve. As we like to say with the Ewald Auto Group, “Ewald Makes it Easy!”

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