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Ford Transit Vans

Whether you need it for lugging around equipment, or to start up your own business, you might be in the market for commercial vans for sale. Finding the right vehicle can be essential, especially if you're planning on making a substantial investment. When the time comes to look for large cargo vans for sale, and you want to make shopping simple, be sure to choose Ewald! Here at our dealerships, you'll discover a wide array of Chevy 2500 vans for sale which are ideal for when you need to haul a lot. The powerful engine makes it a breeze to get going even if you have quite a bit of weight loaded inside. With the ability to transport up to 15 people or tow up to 10,000 lbs, you'll have a commercial van that's unstoppable. From starting up your painting company to shuttle services, used Chevy 2500 vans for sale are a smart move. We even take the time to have all our pre-owned vehicles inspected once they arrive at our locations. A powertrain inspection means that even when you buy used large cargo vans for sale in Wisconsin, you can browse confidently. The last thing that we want is for you to be left in the dark, which is why we give you a free history report with any pre-owned Promaster cargo vans you purchase. Although you might not expect this level of transparency elsewhere, you can be sure to receive it when shop with Ewald Commercial!

Ford Transit Vans

Are you finding yourself more interested in newer commercial vans for sale? More modern Ford Transit vans are an excellent choice for those seeking a more economical answer to running their daily operations. With a seating capacity of up to 8 and a surplus of cargo space, you'll find these vehicles to be an excellent addition to your fleet. One thing that separates these new commercial vans for sale from older ones is their roof height. Having more vertical space can make an enormous difference when it comes to hauling around your work equipment. Also, we also have the more compact and fuel-efficient Ford Transit Connect van. With plenty of roof height and space, you'll be surprised to learn this new commercial van for sale can get 29 MPG on the highway and 24 in the city. There are also plenty of modern features equipped in the new Ford Transit Connect such as a blind-spot monitoring and infotainment system. Whatever you're looking for large cargo vans or more sleek and compact ones, you'll find plenty of both on our lots.
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Used Cargo Vans For Sale In Wisconsin

Do you find yourself unsure of whether you should lease or finance one of our large cargo vans for sale? We understand that each business owner is different and has separate needs which is why we do all we can to meet them. Ewald prides itself one providing flexibility when it comes to leasing, even allowing you to lease used cargo vans for sale in Wisconsin. By offering you the option to do a ComTRAC open-end lease, you can get the vehicles you need without paying an arm and a leg. We also give you plenty of flexibility when it comes to financing and have worked to streamline the process. Those who already have a commercial line of credit will be able to use it to purchase one of our commercial vans for sale. As a result, you can skip the lengthy approval process and get the vehicles you need with ease. If you do end up financing, we offer some great maintenance plans and warranties with our large cargo vans for sale. Looking out for you and simplifying your experience with us is all part of what separates us from other commercial dealers in the area.

Commercial Service

Does your fleet of Chevrolet Express Cargo vans need a reliable source for maintenance and repairs? Keeping up with your vehicles' needs can be essential, especially when your business hangs in the balance. Fortunately, whether you own Promaster Cargo Vans or Ford Transit Vans, you can get them serviced here at our service center. Our Commercial Service Center is staffed with dedicated technicians who all been trained extensively by the manufacturer. Since our team knows your vehicle inside and out, you can feel as though it's in capable hands. We even act as a source for genuine OEM parts if you like to work on your own Chevrolet Express Cargo vans. Providing a single source for all your auto needs not only makes things more convenient but also grants peace of mind. With our experience serving our client's needs for over five decades, you can feel comfortable visiting us. Whether getting your fleet maintenance or searching for commercial vans for sale, you can expect us to be there for you. If you feel like coming by to check out our large cargo vans for sale in Wisconsin, we're open Mondays through Saturdays.

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