How Ford Transit Vans Help Your Business


How Ford Transit Vans Help Your Business

At Ewald Commercial Trucks, many of our Wisconsin customers have been asking us about our many Ford vans. Our Ford dealership near you has a variety of makes and models within our inventory that fall under the umbrella of the Ford Transit for sale. The original Ford Transit for sale is a cargo van that gives you and your business the capability of hauling a max payload of 3,680 pounds and towing a max load of 5,400 pounds when itís properly equipped to do so. You have a lot of versatility with the amount you can transport with this cargo van for sale. The Ford Transit Connect is another make that includes five different models: Commercial XL Cargo Van, Commercial XLT Cargo Van, Commercial XL Passenger Wagon, Commercial XLT Passenger Wagon, Commercial Titanium Passenger Wagon. These vans for sale are slightly more agile and smaller than the Ford Transit for cargo. You can also choose from the Transit and Ford Transit Connect trims designed to transport passengers instead of cargo. Any of these models would be great for your business in the greater Milwaukee area, but it depends on your needs. Ask yourself what you would be using these vans for sale, and then get in touch with Ewald Commercial Trucks today!

Ford Transit 150 vs. Ford Transit 250

The Ford Transit cargo van offers you a variety of assets for your business. Usually, the Ford Transit 150 refers to the Ford Transit cargo van for sale. The Ford Transit 250 usually refers to the Ford Transit passenger van.

  1. The Ford Transit for sale is easy to get in and out of, which is not always the case with commercial vehicles. The Ford Transit van has a low step-in height, making getting into the vehicle simple. You donít have to hoist yourself up and in this Ford van. The lower step-in height and high ceilings in the Ford Transit van ensure that you or your workers wonít have to worry about injuries on the job.
  2. The Transit has excellent visibility on all counts. You will be amazed by how much you can see out the front windshield. Commercial vans for sale often get a bad rap for their low visibility, but that is not the case with the Ford Transit. Additionally, the Ford Transit van comes with a rearview camera, which increases your visibility. It can also be incredibly helpful when trying to get in or out of a tight parking spot.
  3. The Ford Transit for sale has precision steering capabilities. This vehicle steers easily and does not have that truck feel that many other commercial vans have. Instead, it feels more like a much smaller vehicle. The Ford Transit for sale also has excellent handling that makes turns feel smooth and produces little in the way of body roll. With the ease of steering and handling, your workers will have less operator fatigue after completing a lengthy job.

The difference between the Ford Transit cargo van and the Ford Transit passenger van is what they are built to transport. The Transit Cargo Van is designed to carry cargo, while the Transit Passenger Wagon is built to carry people.

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Ford Transit Connect Van vs. Wagon

The Ford Transit Connect van and the Ford Transit Connect Wagon are smaller, more versatile versions of the cargo van mentioned earlier in this article. Here is how the Ford Transit passenger van can help your business:

  1. Despite the Ford Transit passenger van being a commercial vehicle, it has many features to create a comfortable ride. You can find Bluetooth and a four-inch display for your controls. You could choose to upgrade your companyís van for sale with an 8-inch touchscreen display for a Sync 3 infotainment system. The four-speaker sound system on this Ford van has excellent quality. That way, you and your passengers can enjoy your favorite music while you are on the go.
  2. Commercial vans can get noisy, but that is not the case with the Ford Transit for sale. Its well-insulated cabin reduces most noise, and the ride quality feels nice and smooth. The wheels and suspension do well at absorbing bumps in the road and keeping them from disturbing the Ford Transit vanís occupants. Of course, a Ford Transit passenger will not be as soft as a minivan. However, the quality feels cozy nonetheless with the Ford Transit for sale.

If you still need a hand figuring out which van for sale will be the best for your business, our Ford dealership near you is here to help. We encourage you to reach out to us today at Ewald Commercial Trucks to talk with one of our sales representatives at our Ford dealer near Oconomowoc. Weíre well-versed in helping customers around the Oconomowoc area accomplish all of their business goals. The Ford Transit, the Ford Transit Wagon, and the Ford Transit Connect could all be just one more tool in your businessís arsenal. Donít hesitate to contact us, as weíll get you behind the wheel right now at our Ford dealer near Oconomowoc!

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