Chevy LCF for Sale

Research Our Chevy LCF for Sale in Milwaukee, WI

Available Trims:

  • 3500
  • 3500 HD
  • 4500
  • 4500 HD
  • 4500 XD
  • 5500 HD
  • 5500 XD
  • 6500 XD
Chevy LCF

Versatility in your Control

Finding a vehicle capable of making wholesale deliveries, helping with landscaping, and work in construction can be a challenge. Few vehicles make helping with your day to day tasks easy. Explore your possibilities with the Low Cab Forward. Get yourself the opportunity you want for the Low Cab Forwards to help you get each job done with ease. This vehicle has flexible power options from 3500 for city travels to more powerful options like the 6500 for more difficult tasks. With a wide range of cars, wheelbases, and engines, let the Low Cab Forward(LCF) give you the power and uplift options you need. Now is the time to get the efficient vehicle you have required.

Chevy LCF

Strong Engine Options

It is one thing to get a commercial vehicle with flexible options, but it is another to find a vehicle that also gives you incredible strength. Explore the options you are looking for in strength and power with the Chevy Low Cab Forward. With 520 lb-ft of torque, 215 horsepower, and 5.2L diesel engine, you can explore your possibilities as hand. With the Low Cab Forward, you get the vehicle strength you need to make light each job thrown at you.

Chevy LCF

Special Highlights

Given the new power, you need for your vehicle, explore the new jobs you were once unable to do. With a Low Cab Forward from Chevrolet, you can have features like a 12,875 max payload, 297 horsepower, and 19,500 max gross vehicle weight rating. From here stems a variety of options for you to consider. Perform at your best with the available Low Cab Forward today. Let no task go undone with our selection of vehicles for you.

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