E-Transit Revolution: Streamline Your Business with Ford's Electric Van


The way businesses operate is constantly evolving, and the need for efficient, sustainable solutions is paramount. Enter the all-new Ford E-Transit – a revolutionary electric van that's poised to transform your fleet here at Ewald Commercial Trucks near the Greater Milwaukee area.

E-Transit for Sale: Power, Performance, and Sustainability 

Forget about gas stations and range anxiety. The E-Transit for sale boasts a powerful electric motor that delivers instant torque and impressive range, keeping your business moving all day long. Choose from multiple battery pack options to find the perfect balance for your driving needs, whether you're conquering city streets or longer regional routes.

Reduced Operating Costs 

The E-Transit for sale isn't just good for the environment; it's great for your bottom line. Electric vehicles require significantly less maintenance than traditional gasoline-powered vans. Plus, with electricity prices generally lower than gasoline, you'll see substantial fuel cost savings over time. Imagine the long-term financial benefits for your business!

Unleash Unmatched Cargo Capacity 

The E-Transit retains the legendary cargo space and versatility that Ford Transit vans are known for. Whether you need to haul equipment, deliveries, or your entire crew, the E-Transit offers ample room for all your needs. The available interior configurations allow for maximum customization to perfectly match your specific business requirements.

Technology Designed for Efficiency

The E-Transit seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology to enhance your driving experience and fleet management. The SYNC 4® infotainment system keeps you connected and informed on the road, while the available FordPass Connect™ allows you to remotely monitor your vehicle's charging status and manage key features.

Ewald Commercial Trucks: Your E-Transit Partner

At Ewald Commercial Trucks, we're committed to helping businesses in the Greater Milwaukee area thrive. Our dedicated team of electric vehicle specialists is here to answer all your questions about the E-Transit and guide you through the entire buying process. We understand the unique needs of commercial operations, and we'll work with you to find the perfect E-Transit configuration to streamline your fleet and operations.

Additionally, we offer:

  • Competitive financing options to fit your budget

  • Expert service and maintenance from our certified technicians

  • Support for charging infrastructure installation at your business location

Embrace the future of commercial transportation. 

Visit Ewald Commercial Trucks today and test drive the revolutionary Ford E-Transit! Let us show you how this electric van can revolutionize your business and empower you to operate more efficiently and sustainably.


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