Dump Trucks For Sale Near Milwaukee


Dump Trucks For Sale Near Milwaukee

Buying dump trucks for sale near Milwaukee is not as easy as going to a dealership and picking out the first one you see. When your company is looking to purchase dump trucks for sale, several elements should affect your decision. Besides the price, there are five other details to consider when you choose what dump trucks for sale near Milwaukee to buy:

The Body

Dump trucks on the market at our Chevy dealership near Milwaukee have three different body styles:semi-elliptical, half-round, and the traditional rectangle. Dump trucks for sale near Milwaukee with the traditional rectangle shape will offer the most room on the truck bed floor, which means that there is more weight spread and a low center of gravity for your load. This shape is popular due to its strength and agility while transporting a heavy load. The half-round body style on dump trucks for sale handles impact better due to its semi-circle shape. This body type does not require cross-members for support like the rectangle style. Thus, it has lighter total weight with a greater payload capacity. The semi-circle shape also makes it more difficult for material to stick to the bed of the Chevy dump trucks for sale. Your company will have a cleaner dump cycle if you choose a half-round body style. However, the half-round body style has limitations when hauling pallets or equipment because the truck bed is not flat. The semi-elliptical style is a combination between the traditional rectangle and half-round body types. The semi-elliptical body type on our Chevy dump trucks for sale has flat floors similar to the rectangle body, but it has the curved semi-circle haul shape like the half-round body style.

The Body Metal

The dump trucks' body metal is also something that you should consider when you purchase dump trucks for sale near Milwaukee. Not all metals have the same strength, so choose the one that fits the tasks that your company completes. Steel and aluminum are your two options. Steel is superior when carrying more abrasive materials, like gravel, asphalt, and concrete. You get more protection against future damage to the dump truck when you choose steel instead of aluminum. If your company regularly carries non-abrasive materials, aluminum is a great choice. Also, aluminum weighs less, so you get a greater payload capacity for your Chevy dump trucks for sale. Also, it protects from corrosion on your dump truck bed. However, remember that aluminum is more expensive than steel.

The Engine

Third, consider the engine of the dump trucks for sale near Milwaukee. Power output from Chevy trucks' engines has a range of horsepower. Don't overestimate your horsepower needs and buy more than you need for a typical job for your company. When you put your new dump truck for sale into operation, the overage of horsepower will cost your company extra money. Additionally, consider the weight of the load that you require and match it to the engine accordingly. With one of our dump trucks for sale, you don't want to be overpowered or underpowered.

The Transmission

Consider the transmission when buying a dump truck at our Chevy dealership near Milwaukee. When you choose a manual transmission, you get a wide range of gear options in our dump trucks for sale near Milwaukee. Manual transmissions offer drivers of our Chevy trucks for sale more maneuverability. Also, your drivers will be able to match the engine speed to the task at hand with a manual transmission. You won't have this advantage with an automatic transmission in your Chevy truck for sale. However, without multiple gears and a clutch, the automatic transmission causes less operator fatigue during lengthy Chevy trucks for sale tasks. Another transmission option in dump trucks for sale is an integrated automated manual transmission. This transmission in trucks is becoming more popular with buyers because it offers both a comfortable operating experience and efficient energy usage at the same time.

New vs. Used

New dump trucks for sale are more expensive. However, they have not taken on the abuse that used dump trucks have. Thus, they are usually more reliable and durable than used dump trucks for sale. Additionally, when your company decides to buy new, you can tailor your truck to the tasks at hand. However, used dump trucks for sale have become increasingly popular at our Chevy dealership near Milwaukee. These trucks are priced for less and thus are more cost-effective investments. However, when looking at used dump trucks for sale, make sure to gather all of the possible information to ensure that you are getting a good deal.

All Chevy dealerships near Milwaukee are not the same. Ewald Commercial Trucks is where you should bring your business when commercial Chevy trucks for sale are needed. Here, we offer a seamless automotive experience to you and your company.We have a large inventory of dump trucks for sale near Milwaukee for you to consider. Furthermore, our dealership offers extensive financial services for you and your company. Please stop by the Ewald Commercial Trucks today to browse our Chevy trucks for sale. Our sales representatives are ready to help you choose your next dump truck!

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