Buying The Right Chevy Dump Truck For Sale

Find Your Next Dump Truck For Sale At Ewald


Buying The Right Chevy Dump Truck For Sale

With so many dump trucks for sale on the market today, how can you find the best option for your business? Ewald Commercial Trucks is here to be your one-stop shop for everything dump truck! Our Chevy dealer near Milwaukee is excited to help you find and finance the ideal dump truck for your usage needs. Let's go over some major factors to consider when you're in the market for your next Chevy dump truck for sale.

There are many types of dump trucks for sale in Milwaukee at Ewald Commercial Trucks. Among the most frequently requested are standard, transfer, and side-dump Chevy commercial trucks.

  • Standard dump trucks for sale feature an attached dump bed. The dump bed is emptied by hydraulic lift. For the customer shopping for an all-purpose Chevy dump truck for sale, a standard dump truck will do the trick.

  • Transfer dump trucks were created to efficiently transport materials from site to site. They boast a detached trailer for hauling, and in some instances, multiple separate trailers! These Chevy trucks for sale are an excellent option for the customer dealing with volume work.

  • Side-dump trucks feature the ability to dump the load on either side. Many types of construction work are more efficiently accomplished with a side-dump truck. However, they tend to offer smaller payloads than standard dump trucks. Side-dump trucks compensate for this with better stability and more resilient construction. If you're feeling overwhelmed, don't worry. Ewald Commercial Trucks can help you assess which type of truck will be most suitable for your work.

After you decide on the right type of dump truck for sale, you'll next need to consider your horsepower needs. If you're tempted to buy the biggest, baddest Chevy dump truck for sale at our dealership, you aren't alone! But more horsepower isn't always better, depending on your usage needs. Dump trucks for sale near Milwaukee with high horsepower tend to be heavier, and less fuel-efficient. The trick is to find a Chevy commercial truck with enough horsepower to perform your duties, without buying more power than you need. Ewald Commercial Trucks makes it easy for you to find the perfect amount of horsepower. Just let our sales team know about the type, weight, and material that you'll be hauling, along with the distance. The sales team at our Chevy dealer near Milwaukee has plenty of experience helping customers pick the right engine!

You'll also need to decide between an automatic or manual transmission for your Chevy truck for sale. If you usually haul your loads short distances, or on inclement terrain, a manual transmission might be preferable. You'll have more control over your truck, and it will be easier to adjust your power as you go over uneven ground. Customers who haul loads for long distances may wish to choose an automatic transmission. You'll appreciate the superior fuel economy!

From finding your next Chevy dump truck for sale, to securing financing, Ewald is here to make it easy. When you're ready to get serious about buying a dump truck for sale, pay a visit to Ewald Commercial Trucks. We'll be waiting to greet you with a smile!

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