What are the Pros and Cons of a Dually Truck?


For business owners in the Milwaukee area hauling heavy equipment or trailers, choosing the right commercial truck for sale is crucial. Dually trucks, known for their double rear wheels on each side, offer significant towing and payload capacity. But are they the perfect fit for your business needs? Not to worry, Ewald Commercial Trucks is here to help you explore the pros and cons of dually trucks and make an informed decision.

Pros of Dually Trucks

  • Enhanced Towing Capacity: The primary advantage of a dually truck is its unmatched towing capability. With six wheels instead of four, the weight is distributed more evenly, allowing you to tow heavier loads safely and securely. This is essential for businesses that haul large trailers, construction equipment, or heavy machinery.

  • Increased Payload Capacity: Dually trucks boast a higher payload capacity compared to single-rear-wheel (SRW) trucks. This translates to the ability to carry more cargo in the truck bed itself, ideal for businesses transporting large quantities of materials or tools.

  • Improved Stability: The wider wheelbase of a dually truck provides superior stability, especially when hauling heavy loads or navigating uneven terrain. This translates to better handling, reduced trailer sway, and a more confident driving experience, particularly during windy conditions or when towing on highways.

  • Enhanced Traction: The six wheels of a dually truck offer increased traction in challenging conditions like snow, mud, or loose gravel. This is especially beneficial for businesses operating in construction, landscaping, or other industries that require off-road capabilities.

  • Reduced Tire Blowout Impact: A single tire blowout on a single-rear-wheel truck can be catastrophic. Dually trucks offer a safety advantage in such situations. With one more tire on each side, a blowout on one dually wheel allows the remaining tire to maintain some control and stability, giving you more time to safely pull over.

Cons of Dually Trucks

  • Higher Purchase Cost: Dually trucks generally have a higher initial price tag compared to SRW trucks of the same model. This is due to the additional axles, wheels, and suspension components required.

  • Lower Fuel Economy: The increased weight and rolling resistance of dually trucks can lead to lower fuel efficiency. This is an important consideration for businesses with budget limitations or those accumulating high mileage.

  • Wider Turning Radius: Due to the wider wheelbase, dually trucks have a larger turning radius compared to SRW trucks. This can make maneuvering in tight spaces like parking lots or narrow roads more challenging.

  • Increased Maintenance Costs: The additional wheels and axles of a dually truck can translate to higher maintenance costs. Regular tire rotations and alignments become even more crucial. Luckily - Ewald's commercial service centers are here to keep things running smoothly.

  • Potential Parking Difficulties: While not always the case, some parking spaces might be too narrow to comfortably accommodate a dually truck. This can be a minor inconvenience but should be considered for businesses that require frequent parking in urban areas.

Dually Truck FAQs

Q: Are dually trucks difficult to drive?

A: Dually trucks do require some adjustment compared to SRW trucks. The wider turning radius might take some getting used to. However, most drivers find them comfortable and manageable after a short period of adaptation.

Q: Do I need a special driver's license to operate a dually truck?

A: In most cases, no special driver's license is required to operate a dually truck as long as your license class covers the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of the truck. Of course, you should always consult the local laws in the areas where you'll be doing business.

Q: Are diesel engines the only option for dually trucks?

A: While diesel engines are popular choices for dually trucks due to their torque and towing capacity, some manufacturers offer gasoline-powered options in certain models.

Q: Where can I find diesel trucks for sale in the Milwaukee area?

A: Ewald Commercial Trucks offers a wide selection of new and used diesel trucks for sale, including a variety of dually truck models.  Visit our website or our dealership in Milwaukee to explore our inventory and speak with a knowledgeable sales representative.

Dually Trucks in Milwaukee: The Final Decision

Ultimately, the decision of whether a dually truck is the right choice for your business depends on your specific needs. If your business regularly hauls heavy equipment, trailers, or large quantities of cargo, the benefits of superior towing capacity, payload capacity, and stability might outweigh the drawbacks.

For business owners in the Milwaukee area, Ewald Commercial Trucks is here to help you find the perfect truck for your needs.  We offer a vast selection of new and used diesel trucks for sale, including dually options from leading manufacturers. Visit us today or browse our inventory online to find the perfect truck to power your business forward!

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